Workout of the Day 3.8.18

Warm up:

  • Chest/ Back abduction & adduction
  • Shoulder flexion circles
  • Shoulder extension circles
  • Trunk twists


  • Superset (4 sets)
    • Stability ball Push up (6 reps)
    • Barbell Bench Press (10 reps; 45lbs, 55lbs, 65lbs, 65lbs)
  • Circut (3 sets)
    • Single-leg bridged TRX row (5 reps on each leg)
    • Rotating row (core twists) w/ resistance band (30s; easy resistance)
    • Rope pull (with squat; 30s)
  • Circut (3 sets)
    • Resistance band lateral shoulder raise (10 reps; 4/2/1 tempo)
    • Face pulls (10 reps; 30lbs)
    • Handstand walks against wall (30s hold)
  • Circut (4 sets)

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